picture (218 kByte): Bison picture (45 kByte): Bison side view

Bison is a Sun 3/260 server in a 12 slot VME-Bus case. Its processor is a Motorola 68020 at 25 MHz. It has 24 MB main memory, one Hitachi DK515C-78 5.25" (full height) SCSI disks (650 MB) on an internal Sun-2 SCSI controller and a Sun-3 SCSI controller with an external connector.

picture (95 kByte): Bison rear view

The following (older) rear view shows the different cards in the slots (from left to right):

  1. Sun 3200 CPU
  2. (empty)
  3. 8 MB Memory (original Sun)
  4. 8 MB Memory (original Sun)
  5. 8 MB Memory (Parity Systems)
  6. 8 MB Memory (Parity Systems)
  7. (empty)
  8. Sun2 SCSI Controller (external)
  9. (empty)
  10. Ciprico Rimfire 3200
  11. (empty)
  12. (empty)
picture (133 kByte): Bison upper compartment

Let's have a look at the upper compartment of the 3/260 chassis. There is enough room for several hard disks and you can place one (full height) or two (half height) device(s) that are accessible from the front like tape or CDROM drives.

picture (31 kByte): Bison front panel

The brown front panel is so ugly that i painted it blue. I've attached a thermometer at the front so i could measure the heat inside (with the outdoor probe which is attached near the 68020) and the surrounding temperature (with the indoor probe). While the picture was taken, the machine wasn't powererd up. Else the outdoor temperature would have been 10 degrees Celsius above the indoor temperature.

Stations of the machine

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