picture (44 kByte): Sun 3/470 side view

Elefant ist my fastest Sun3 in the collection, a Sun 3/470. The CPU is a 68030 at 33 MHz, accellerated by a 64 kByte 2nd level cache. This yields more than double the speed of a Sun 3/60. The machine is placed in a 12-slot VME-Bus chassis.

picture (97 kByte): Sun 3/470 front view

The front flap can be opened to access the device compartments.

picture (38 kByte): Sun 3/470 open flap

The left compartment contains an Exabyte 8200 tape drive (2.3 GB) and the right compartment contains a CDC Wren IV SCSI hard disk (300 MB).

picture (71 kByte): Sun 3/470 rear view

The following cards are in Elefant:

  1. (empty)
  2. 32 MB Memory (original Sun)
  3. (empty)
  4. Sun 3400 CPU
  5. (covered by the CPU)
  6. Sun2 SCSI controller
  7. (empty)
  8. Ciprico Rimfire 3200 SMD Controller
  9. (empty)
  10. second ethernet controller
  11. (empty)
  12. (empty)

Some weeks ago i got a disk tower simillar to the 3/470 chassis. I put all my SMD hard drives into it: Two Seagate Sabre ST81236J (1 GB), one Fujitsu M2372 Swallow III (670 MB) and a CDC-9720-850 (670 MB, unfortunately only half of the capacity is usable).

picture (33 kByte): Elefant

Earlier i ran Elefant in an old Sun 3/260 chassis. There were two Seagate ST1236J SMD disks (1 GB) connected to the Rimfire.

Stations of the machine

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