Sun Keyboards

picture (97 kByte): Sun type 3 keyboard

The Computers of the Sun3 series usually used the type 3 keyboard.

picture (77 kByte): Sun type 4 keyboard

Only the Sun3/80 was sold with the newer type 4 keyboard.

picture (20 kByte): Sun type 5 keyboard

Modern Sparc machines have this type 5 keyboard which looks suspiciously like a PC keyboard.

picture (43 kByte): Adapter

With this small adapter you can plug a type 4 as well as a type 5 keyboard to the DB-15 keyboard connector of a Sun3.


The mice of the Sun3 keyboards are optical mice with two eyes (one red and one infrared). The mousepads have blue horizontal and red vertical bars. Older keyboards have low resolution mice with big mousepads, newer ones have higher resolution mice and smaller pads.

It is very funny to turn the mousepad 90 degrees and watch the next luser...

With the Type-5 keyboard Sun introduced one-eyed mice and ball mice.

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