picture (76 kB): Side view

Luchs is one of the very rare Sun 3/E. It is a VME-Bus machine. Sun sold the 3/E as naked boards (double eurocard format). The boards could be placed in any ordinary VME-Bus chassis. These were used as processing computers to control machines.

picture (100 kB): Top view

The chassis i use is from Schroff. They sell VME-Bus stuff all over the world.

picture (171 kB): Front view

The following boards are inside:

  1. CPU: 68020/20 MHz with 4 MB and two serial ports
    picture (243 kB): CPU board
  2. I/O: Intel Ethernet (ie) and SCSI controller (se)
    picture (244 kB): I/O board
  3. black&white grpahics card (1152x900, bwtwo)
    picture (209 kB): Graphics board
  4. Xylogics 753 SMD disk controller (xd)
    picture (258 kB): SMD controller
  5. Sun-3 SCSI controller (si)
    picture (249 kB): SCSI controller
4 MB main memory is not much and so i'm looking for more, but without luck (yet).

Sun sold 4 MB and 12 MB memory boards for the 3/E.

If you have one of these and want to get rid of it, feel free to email me!

picture (105 kB): Inner view

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