2. Sun3-Zoo-Party

The second Sun3-Zoo-Party happened on March 9. in 2001. I promised to scan and publish the pictures i had taken and finally here they are. First, a quick view to the location:
picture (60 kByte): overview
I got everything to feed the hungry:
picture (131 kByte): menu
A Sun 3/60 that one of the guys had brought with had to be installed:
picture (76 kByte): Klaus kneeing picture (86 kByte): observers
Everyone was hungry:
picture (59 kByte): desk inside picture (91 kByte): rolling vehicle picture (68 kByte): desk outside
This picture should be censored (wished the girl herself):
picture (72 kByte): Girl
Here you can see Klaus eating and the Dragon that lurks in the Zoo:
picture (102 kByte): Klaus and Dragon
An ultralight-glider is called "Drache" (Dragon) in german.
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