19" Rack

Some parts of my collection fit into a 19" rack. No wonder, this was (is?) industry standard. The rack itself is from DEC (Digital Equipment Corp.) and hosted a PDP-11/34 years ago.

picture (52 kByte): Sun3/E
picture (45 kByte): ALM-1 Multiplexer
picture (51 kByte): ALM-2 Multiplexer and Fujitsu Eagle
picture (34 kByte): two Seagate ST1236J

The rack contains (from top to bottom):

Rear View

picture (44 kByte): Sun3/E
picture (55 kByte): lots of cables

The first picture shows the Sun 3/E from behind and the second one shows (beside a 12 slot chassis) the mess of cables in the 19" rack.

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